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Tips & Trends

A big wristwatch – sometimes worn in a sea of bangles – is a popular look I am seeing on women everywhere from the coffee shop to the shopping mall. Two of them were photographed for our cover story today on “Charmed arms.”

Fashion trends – some fleeting, some not so much – are something I always make note of come summer. It’s the season to have some fun with fashion, get a little quirky. Styles loosen up and life, in theory anyway, slows down.

One year it’s white-framed sunglasses. Another, it’s feathers in the hair, flower-embellished flip-flops or rompers.

And while maxi dresses have been back for several years now, they remain hugely popular – even among women I’ve never seen wear long dresses before. This includes a young mother I know who wore an adorable striped one to a recent casual dinner gathering on a patio.

Stripes and bold patterns reign, and another woman I bumped into at the grocery store told me she buys her maxi dresses cheap and wears them often. Once you find ones you love, you’re hooked, I’ve been told.

With a 14-year-old daughter in the house, I’m no stranger to crazy creations with nail polish. Each season seems to bring a new fad among the tween, teen and early-20s crowd. Color-blocked nails. Nails painted in multiple pastels. Special-effect nails. Holiday-themed nails. Nail appliques. Nail gems.

Still, the current fad of painting just one finger on a hand a different color than the others is grabbing my attention.

Pink, pink, pink, white, pink, perhaps. And the same on the other hand.

One young woman told me that, while recently shopping for a new vehicle with her husband, the salesman looked at her two-color painted nails, ceased talking cars and said to her, “You do that too?”– as if she is not the first customer he has seen with her nails painted this way.

Another guy, on a different day in a different place, asked her if she ran out of nail polish. None of this bothers her. She still likes the look. For this summer, anyway.

Elsewhere, patterned canvas sneakers are looking pretty cute this summer. Think the Taylor Swift for Keds collection, which includes tiny polka dots and florals. And Converse sneakers in solid colors that enhance an outfit, rather than totally match it, still prevail.

Not exactly new but suited for summer: As Seen on TV has brought us Hot Buns – the hair accessory “that lets you roll, snap and wrap your hair into the perfect bun – no pins needed!”

Bored with buns? How about Hot Huez Hair Chalk – the temporary hair color that slides on, shampoos out and comes in Hot Pink, Electric Blue, Fiery Fuschia and Neon Green?

Sounds interesting, as long as it does not clash with your fingernail polish.

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