Nail Masters celebrates over a decade of successfully providing head to toe beauty maintenance to residents of Burlington, WA. We know what your hands, feet and skin need because we have extensive years of expertise in providing the highest quality care in town.  Not only has Nail Masters been around for over a decade, but Nail Masters also hires and retain employees that have been experts for more than ten years as well as employed by Nail Masters for neatly ten years!  So when it comes to beauty maintenance, we can confidently say we are the best in town.


A manicure is an ancient cosmetic beauty treatment intended to improve the appearance of your fingernails and hands and prevent nail diseases.  The word 'manicure' comes from the Latin language and translates to 'hand care.' 

Manicures have evolved over thousands of years but it still remains a symbol of wealth and social status.  The aristocrats of ancient Egypt and China often painted their nails in distinguishable colors such as black, red or even the color of precious metals while peasants were only allowed to use pale or natural colors. 

As time progressed, the art form and its traditions gradually evolved to incorporate more techniques, tools and purposes.  Nowadays, manicures are a display of beauty and style; being included in the latest fashion trends and even starting some of their own!    



A pedicure is often seen as a manicure for the feet.  While this is true, your feet and hands have different functions and ailments to address.  Pedicures go a step further to give your feet the proper care and attention it needs.     

Your feet are designed to bear your entire weight and absorb an enormous amount of pressure.  However, due to the demands of living, we often exceed the limits of our body.  Excessive standing or walking, improper fitting shoes and fashionable high=heels all add to the stress and tension your feet endure.

The pedicure process helps relieve this anxiety so your feet and toenails can look and feel its best.  Furthermore, incorporating a feet and leg massage into your pedicure will amplify its effectiveness.  



Waxing is a very popular and effective semi-permanent hair removal method that can be safely used on almost any area of the body.  By removing hair at the root level, it gives you up to 8 weeks free of unsightly hair growth. 

Body hair, physiologically, is a survival attribute that serves to keep important joints and areas warm and protected from the harsh environment we used to endure.  Nowadays, since our clothing and homes serve that function, body hair has become more of a nuisance and an eyesore.

Looking your best requires maintenance - with body hair, you have the choice of maintaining every day or every month.  Most prefer waxing because it allows them to look better longer. 


Nail Care

Artificial nails are an increasingly popular fashion trend for women.  With various types of nail enhancements available, they have become an important fashion accessory.  Because of this, it is common to see a woman's fingernails matching her makeup, shoes, purse or clothing, particularly on special occasions.

Due to the intricacies involved in the application process, nail enhancements are best left to professionals and conducted in a sterile, well-ventilated environment.  Those who muster up the tools and confidence to do it themselves are often unsatisfied with the end result due to lack of training, experience and steady hands.

Compliments and praise are the best parts of looking your finest.  The pride and confidence it gives you radiates through all aspects of your life, giving you more joy and a fulfilling sense of belonging. 


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